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bunditos Review [8.0/10]

I mostly like it. I like exploration and puzzle games, and this is a good example. The main puzzle mechanic is piecing together fragments of an ancient language. As for the plot, you begin by searching the galaxy for a missing scientist. But there's much more under the surface - questions of philosophy and faith, the mysteries of history, and th...

twobears79s Review [9.0/10]

Journey with Aliya, a young archeologist who is uncovering the long-forgotten past of the Nebula as she searches for the strange and enigmatic Heaven’s Vault. What will she discover, who will she meet, and what is the secret of not only the Nebula but of Heaven’s Vault? The world-building in this narrative adventure game is absolutely amazing;...

burythehammer's review of Heaven's Vault [9.0/10]

Great writing, interesting world, really cool take on an invented language. Makes you feel clever without being too hard.

vixyish's review of Heaven's Vault [5.0/10]

This was recommended as a game to play similar to the language translation game Chants of Sennaar. Despite being a more complex game with more beautiful art, it suffered by comparison. The plot is interesting, the mystery of what happened to the roboticist as well as the larger mystery of the history of the Nebula. But the game allows you to ge...