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When a hostage crisis erupts in the centre of Clappers Wreake, only one man has the diplomatic finesse to defuse a simmering situation before it boils over into a stew of butchery and bloodshed: Detective Inspector Hector. He’s all they’ve got. Literally. All the other negotiators are dead. Hector has a choice to make: carry out the terrorist’s curiously altruistic demands, or watch as his fellow officers are picked off one by one. Hector’s still on the fence.
 Stagger a drunken mile through the Crime Capital of Britain in the size 9s of Detective Inspector Hector: part criminalist, part kebab-fiend, all cop.
 Do all the things you’ve dreamed about: hit a tramp with a crowbar, steal a young man’s trousers, kick a drug addict into a cardboard box, enter a pornshop without embarrassment, carry a designer handbag... all in the name of justice, and all in spectacular ground-breaking 2D.
 * 18 sordid, filthy, rundown locations
 * 23 well-developed & witty characters (+ 1 stinking drunk)
 * 40 Inventory items (includes Free Lubricant!)
 * 397 interactive objects
 * 2421 spoken lines of dialogue
 * Cinematic cutscenes
 * Original score
 * A good few hours worth of low action puzzle-solving gameplay