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Helion – Void Wars is a 3D space combat game where you can switch between the different leaders of your army, with different ships and powers to eliminate enemies with the help of power ups, combos and bonuses, combining arcade mechanics within an epic 3D space battle.

It is focused on the frenetic action of a space battle for players who look for massive combats and an immersive and rewarding game without leaving the action of persecutions, shots and threats during the game.

You can experience innovative mechanical features such as real-time exchange of ships, with different powers, weapons and game methods, without abandoning the fight even for a moment… and arcade elements such as power ups you can collect during the flight or combos by kill streak overloading the power of your ship, making it a real space war machine.

Meet the leaders of your army, and learn how to work with them and use their unique skills and upgrades for your pilots and ships in the battle.