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Family Computer Disk System



During the course of this video game, Hello Kitty must water all the flowers in each stage while avoiding the many animals and insects. Kitty's ribbon always stays on the left side of her ear; even if the player changes the orientation of the character.
She can defend herself with the use of a large mallet. Running into enemies will make her cry, which causes Kitty to get angry and lose a life. Points in the game are collected as money for the cash register. Allowing the time limit to expire will also cause the player to lose a life. However, there are infinite continues and losing the game score is the only penalty for "game overs." There are 18 stages in the game and the game does not repeat itself after the 18th stage. While the second half of the game is more difficult then the first nine levels, they can be cleared once the player is accustomed to the game controls.