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Already released in North America [NA] on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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North America [NA]PC (Microsoft Windows)
Europe [EU]PC (Microsoft Windows)



Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland is the first game in the Heroes Chronicles series. Launched on 27 September 2000, simultaneously with three other Chronicles games, Warlords acts as the first chapter of the new saga, telling the story of Tarnum from before he became the Immortal Hero.
As all the Heroes Chronicles games, Warlords is based on the Heroes of Might and Magic III engine, and consists of a campaign, a tutorial, and previews of other three Chronicles games (Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld, Heroes Chronicles: Masters of the Elements and Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons). This totals 12 scenarios. Unlike Heroes III, in Warlords importing extra scenarios or playing in multiplayer is prohibited.