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Hey You! Pikachu (Credits)


Ain TerakawaDevelopment Staff
Daisuke YoshimitsuDevelopment Staff
Hiroki IwasakiDevelopment Staff
Hiroyuki YmanakaDevelopment Staff
Masahiro SugiyamaDevelopment Staff
Miki ObataDevelopment Staff
Muneaki OzawaDevelopment Staff
Nori MatsumuraDevelopment Staff
Shinichi SasakiDevelopment Staff
Shuira MatsumotoDevelopment Staff
Takayuki ItouDevelopment Staff
Takeshi YaegashiDevelopment Staff
Tomoe TakayamaDevelopment Staff
Watanabe HirotakeDevelopment Staff
Wataru KawashimaDevelopment Staff
Yoshiyuki OkuDevelopment Staff
Youko MurakamiDevelopment Staff
Yousuke KurodaDevelopment Staff
Yousuke SumaDevelopment Staff

Marigul Management

Kenji NishizawaManagement
Masashi UchiyamaManagement
Tetsu KayamaManagement
Tsutomu KoganezawaManagement
Yumiko FujiiManagement


Bill TrinenLocalization
Jeff MillerLocalization Management
Leslie SwanLocalization Management


Benimaru ItouPokémon Modeling
Jungo SuzukiPokémon Modeling
Kazuo YazawaPokémon Modeling
Yoshiyuki TagawaPokémon Modeling
Yuhichi SawayamaPokémon Modeling

Nintendo of America

Michelel PowersTesting and Debug
Sam HosierTesting and Debug
Shari BrownTesting and Debug
Todd BuecheleTesting and Debug


Alicia Beckford WassinkSpecial Thanks
Gail TildenSpecial Thanks
Hiroko SuginoSpecial Thanks
Hiroyuki JinnaiSpecial Thanks
Jun FujimotoSpecial Thanks
Kunimi KawamuraSpecial Thanks
Manabu FukudaSpecial Thanks
Minoru Arakawa (I)Special Thanks
Satoru IwataSpecial Thanks
Takashi KawaguchiSpecial Thanks
SarugakuchoSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Tsunekazu IshiharaProducer

Hey You! Pikachu

60 /100

Released: 1998

Hey you, Pokémon fanatic! Have you ever wanted to control your very own Pokémon? Now you can with HEY YOU, PIKACHU! for the Nintendo 64. It's as simple as speaking into the microphone that connects to your controller....