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High Noon Drifter

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High Noon Drifter is a Mod for DOOM II: Hell on Earth

Genre: Shooter

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

High Noon Drifter is a GZDoom weaponset where you play as a gunslinger that's stuck around for a little longer than the end of the wild west era. The weapons and overall tone is relatively low-tech, complimenting more natural-style mapsets for roaming around castles, ruins, and other assorted gothic setpieces. You make use of some ordinary guns that any joe could scrounge up, a handful of antiquated pieces, and a couple dark a... Read More

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here's been a drifter that's been makin' the rounds. He seems a simple enough fellow. Quiet. Polite. But I saw a peek of him, with a burnt cloak that hid a rock of a man, and a hat shadowing his face. I could see his eyes underneath, and they spooked me--shining with a light that wasn't of this world. He tipped his hat at me and wished me good day, but in that moment I felt like I'd glimpsed at eternity.
I'd asked around town, and the folk had some tall tales to say about him. Some say that he's a demon, rebelling from his life in Hell and fighting against his former masters. Others say that he's a vampire, living forever off the blood of those he slays. Others say that he's a priest, doin' God's work on these forsaken lands. And yet others say that he's just a luckier and tougher son of a bitch than the rest. But whoever he is, they all say he's not so much driftin' through towns as he is...worlds. Goin' from one reality to the next, leavin' only hot casings and cold bodies.

He won't be here long. He never is. Guess I can't blame him, not really any place on Earth that could fit a man like him. He only stays long enough to head to a bar, talk to some folks, get some food, and grab a bottle of Corzo white for the road. But such is the life of a drifter.
Who knows where he'll head next? There's some real dark corners in the world out there...