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pdas Review [7.0/10]

pda created

(played on PS4) The additions made to Hitman 2 are solid improvements upon Hitman 2016, but I feel are ultimately not enough to satisfy those who weren't already fans of the series. It's hard to not see this game as an expensive level pack rather than a true sequel, and while I think hardcore fans will enjoy it (I certainly did), I think many wi...

WraithWards Review [4.0/10]

WraithWard created

In short... This is a game only for the true fans of the hitman franchize. The content is lacking in creative input, and it feels like the game is a DLC of the previews Hitman game and not a stand-alone title. The graphics didn't change much but they are considerably heavier. The game itself consumes over 8GB of RAM, and if you want to play it w...