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DingleDongles Review [8.0/10]

DingleDongle created

I would say that this game is my perfect 'difficulty' for exploration in a metroidvania. There were quite a lot of times where I hit dead ends but the beautiful art always left an impression reminding me where secrets could be. There are a couple of problems with the game that culminate at the ending with a large difficulty spike into a differe...

BILLY_AGE_8s Review [9.0/10]

BILLY_AGE_8 created

I loved this game very much. The game pulls off the metroidvania genre so well. I loved the way the story was fed to the player. The player can just simply go through, get a vague understanding of the story, or they can really dig deep to understand what happened and why your character is doing what he is doing. The difficulty builds up, but o...

Fluffs Review [10.0/10]

Fluff created

Hollow knight succeeded to beat Ori in my heart. It is the best game I played these last years. It starts quit slowly but little but little I was astonished by the gameplay, the animation and how the game started to become beautiful. Before buying I thought I would not like the arts that much but the animation looked great on the trailer so I tr...