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vizthex's review of Hollow Knight

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TL;DR Best $15 I've ever spent.

Very well-made metroidvania, and although there are a few QoL issues I found; the game is still very good.

It's fairly easy to get lost, but that's part of the fun. Just being in Hallownest, wandering around finding stuff while listening to the soundtrack.

I strongly recommend buying this if you love metroidvania games, and/or games with deep lore and story (and interesting world design). Even if you're new to the genre, it's still a great purchase.

This (alongside the Ori games) are essential buys - especially for metroidvania fans.

Positive points
  • - Amazing world design
  • - Great soundtrack
  • - Interesting characters
  • - Very intriguing lore
Negative points
  • - Has a couple QoL issues and a few minor bugs, though said bugs are rare to encounter
  • - Godmaster is incredibly difficult, which can ruin things for completionists who dislike hard games (such as myself)
  • - The controls can feel a bit stiff at times, mainly due to the character controller

Total score