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Home Alone

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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Platforms: Amiga, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), PC DOS, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Harry and Marv, the bumbling "Wet Bandits," have paid their debt to society and are now ready to get revenge on the youngster that caused them their humiliating defeat Kevin McCallister. They have arranged for Kevin's family to be out of the house when they come calling again, leaving him home alone for their rematch. This time, the sneaky thieves have beefed up their gang with robbers and crooks that are more than eager to he... Read More

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There are multiple versions of the game and each features a different style of gameplay, but all share the same plot and roughly the same objective: Kevin McCallister is left home alone when his family goes on vacation. He must prevent Harry and Marv, the "Wet Bandits", from burglarizing his home, using various household objects as traps and/or weapons. Each version of the game is an example of the trap-em-up genre, which also includes games like Heiankyo Alien, Space Panic, and Lode Runner.