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Already released in North America [NA] on Xbox 360

RegionTime leftPlatform
North America [NA]Xbox 360
North America [NA]Wii
North America [NA]Nintendo DS
North America [NA]PlayStation 3
Australia [AU]Wii
Australia [AU]PlayStation 3
Australia [AU]Nintendo DS
Australia [AU]Xbox 360
Europe [EU]Nintendo DS
Europe [EU]PlayStation 3
Europe [EU]Xbox 360
Europe [EU]Wii



How to Train Your Dragon is an action-adventure game based upon the film of the same name. It was developed by Etranges Libellules and Griptonite Games, and released by Activision on March 23, 2010, for the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DS. The game enables players to create their own dragons and move through a series of levels, or to fight amongst friends. It has received generally mixed reviews from critics.[1]