Hybrid Wars

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Genre: Shooter

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Hybrid Wars: A futuristic top-down mech shooter. Command and upgrade an arsenal of futuristic mechs to take on hordes of enemies across giant levels in this breakneck, challenging shooter.

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Hybrid Wars is an upcoming shooter by Extreme Developers and published by Wargaming Labs, combining the classic gameplay of 1990s shooter games with modern aesthetics and innovations. Set in 2060, in a world on the cusp of the second technological revolution, entangled in a mass of information, energy, transportation, and surveillance networks, it follows the career of three distinct mercenaries employed to fight corporate wars. Whether it's the stoic Ivan, gung-ho Alex Carter, or the determined Jason Wood, you will be facing a vast army of autonomous mecha, tanks, gunships, submarines, and other thralls of enemy corporations in a war for power and money.

You won't fight your wars with just fists. Your armor and rifle are just the start. You will also have access to multiple combat vehicles, including the nimble CW-54 Hunter, stealthy RG-2 Spectre, and indomitable HAW-5 Peacemaker, backed up by an array of superweapons and autonomous support drones. You'll need them to survive the eight open-world war zones and deployments against the competition.

Hybrid Wars is live and we are in the process of updating the database!