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The Icebox is a Speedrunning FPS set inside a virtual labyrinth. Use glitch and jet boosts to navigate increasingly challenging environments and sentinels on a mission to search and destroy the Central AI.

Choose how you play the game:


Race the clock, manage resources, and destroy the sentinels on your way through ever more challenging environments culminating in the final battle against the Central AI. Levels are around 2-5min in length. Completing each level inside the Par Time unlocks the next and posts your score on the Leaderboard. Replay levels to perfect your run and improve your overall score.


Take a more considered approach through one giant procedural level, saving as often as you like, with no loading screens, on a solitary journey to search and destroy the Central AI. Commencing with a brief tutorial, the campaign walks you through the game’s mechanics before launching you into progressively harder environments and sentinel battles on your way to the Central AI.


Two Game Modes - Unlockable Speedruns & Single-Player Campaign
Use Glitch - Slow time, bypass gravity, engage shield & boost telekinesis
Use Jet Jumps - Navigate the environment using multi-jumps
Fight AI Squads - Old school FPS with a few extra twists
Hack Terminals - Use terminals to access the network
Use Network Gun - Remotely activate network items
Find Secret Panels - Search for hidden panels and loot
Randomised Worlds - Every play through is unique
Top the Leaderboards - Perfect your run and earn the top spot
Enjoy Dynamic Music - Reacts to your inputs
Make Custom Levels - Design & share your own creations