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Icewind Dale (Credits)

Black Isle Studios

Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Chris ParkerProducer
Darren MonahanAssociate Producer
BensonDivisions Operations Manager
Doug AveryAdditional Production Assitance
David RayProgrammer
RIchard FineganProgrammer
Thomas FrenchProgrammer
Jake DevoreProgrammer
Michael BernsteinAdditional Programming
Darren MonahanAdditional Programming
Jim GardnerAdditional Programming
Paul EdelsteinMovie and Audio Compession Technology
Aaron BrownArtist
Brian MenzeArtist
Pete MeihuizenArtist
Stone PeralesArtist
Dennis PresnellArtist
Kelly WineArtist
Derek JohnsonArtist
John DickensonArtist
Jason ManleyArtist
Mike McCarthyArtist
Kevin LlewellynArtist
Justin SweetArtist
Tim DonleyArtist
Vance KovacsArtist
Eric CampanellaArtist
David PursleyArtist
Aaron MeyersArtist
Tramell Ray IsaacArtist
Michael SherakAdditional Art
Steve BokkesDesigner
J.E. SawyerDesigner
John DeileyDesigner
Reg ArnedoDesigner
Matt NortonDesigner
Scott WarnerDesigner
Chris AvelloneDesigner
David HendeeTechnical Designer
Jason G. SuinnTechnical Designer
Scott EvertsTechnical Designer
Primo PulancoTechnical Designer
Kihan PakTechnical Designer
Chris AvelloneTechnical Designer
Charles DeenenSound Supervision
Craig DumanSound Supervision
Adam LevensonSound Supervision
Fred HatchAudio Producer
Ann ScibelliSound Design
Charles DeenenSound Design
Gene SemelSound Design
Paul MenichiniSound Design
Adam LevensonSound Design
Brian CelanoSound Design
Al NelsonSound Design
Roland ThaiSound Design
David FarmerSound Design
Jeremy SouleMusic
Rick JacksonMusic Editng
Craig DumanMastering
Frank SzickMastering
Chris BordersVO Supervision
Julie MorgaviVO Direction & Casting
Jamie ThomasonVO Direction & Casting
Screenmusic StudiosRecorded at (Support Company)
LA StudiosRecorded at (Support Company)
Stephen MillerVO Editing
JP WaltonVO Editing
Ron ValdezVO Editing
Stephen MillerScripting
JP WaltonScripting
JP WaltonMastering Assistant
Gloria SotoAudio Administrator
Adam LevensonRe-Recording Mixer - Movies
Interplay EntertainmentMixed at (Support Company)
Dan WilliamsVideo Services
Bill StoudtVideo Services
Dave CravensVideo Services
Tom DeckerInternational Product Manager
Fred HatchLocalization Producer
25th EditionTranslation (Italy) (Support Company)
Pink NoiseTranslation (Spain) (Support Company)
SDL InternationalTranslation (French & German) (Support Company)
SPG StudiosAudio (Support Company)
Pink NoiseAudio (Support Company)
Project SynthesisAudio (Support Company)
Olaf BeckerAdditonal Translation / QA (German)
Carole HuguetAdditional Translations / QA (French)
Rafael LopezAdditional Translation / QA (Spanish)
Kevin JohnstonMarketing Manager
Lisa BucekSenior PR Manager
Heather McLaughlinPR Manager
Sean PattonWeb Master
Ed ArandiaWeb Master
Sandi McClearyWeb Master
J.E. SawyerWeb Master
Kathy HelgasonCreative Services Manager
Thom DohnProduction Manager
Kathryne WahlTraffic Manager
Chris AvelloneManual
Michael L. QuintosManual Design and Layout
Quality Assurance
Michael MotodaDirector of Quality Assurance
Jeremy BarnesDirector of Quality Assurance
Greg BaumeisterQuality Assurance Manager
David SimonQuality Assurance Manager
Robert GiampaQA Project Supervisor
Douglas FinchQA Project Supervisor
Shanna TakayamaQA Project Supervisor
Damien EvansQA Project Supervisor
Hector EspinozaQA Senior Tester
Kevin OsburnQA Senior Tester
Amy PresnellQA Senior Tester
Scott HumphreysQA Senior Tester
Kris GiampaQA Senior Tester
Charles SalzmanQA Tester
Brian MitsodaQA Tester
Jeff HusgesQA Tester
Seth BakerQA Tester
Reuben ParkQA Tester
Rick AvalosQA Tester
Joseph ChangQA Tester
Sean JohnsonQA Tester
Eric ChungQA Tester
Jeff MitchellQA Tester
Darrell JonesCompatibility Manager
Derek GibbsCompatibility Technician
Jack ParkerCompatibility Technician
David ParkynCompatibility Technician
Josh WaltersCompatibility Technician

Icewind Dale

82 /100

Released: 2000

In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies a frozen and untamed region known as Icewind Dale. Journey deep into the Spines of the World mountains, a harsh and unforgiving territory teeming with fearsome...