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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Graphic Adventure (Credits)

LucasArts Entertainment

Kalani StreicherAdditional Programming
Mark FerrariAdditional Art and Animation
Sean TurnerAdditional Art and Animation
Martin CameronAdditional Art and Animation
Brent AndersonAdditional Art and Animation
Robin GoldsteinMusic re-orchestration
J. Anthony WhiteMusic re-orchestration and Sound Effects
Peter McConnellMusic Producer
Robert MarsanyiSound Effects
Clint BajakianSound Effects
Justin GrahamAdditional Voice Tools
Claire BarraultProduction Assistance and Voice Editing
Casey DonahueVoice Editing
Howard HarrisonTesting
Tabitha TostiTesting
Patrick SirkTesting
Kristina SontagTesting
David MaxwellTesting
David WessmanTesting
James HanleyTesting
Bret MogilefskyTesting
Jo AshburnAdditional Testing
Leyton ChewAdditional Testing
Justin GrahamAdditional Testing
Chip HinnenbergAdditional Testing
Kirk LesserAdditional Testing
Ron LussierAdditional Testing
Eli MarkAdditional Testing
Dave PopovichAdditional Testing
Jon VanAdditional Testing
EzraAdditional Testing
Robin ParkerProduction Marketing Manager
Judith LuceroManual and Hint Book
Soo Hoo DesignPackage Design (Support Company)
Mark ShepardManual Design
William L. EakenPackage Illustration
Doug GlenGeneral Manager
Kelly FlockDirector of Development
Lucy BradshawAssociate Director of Development
Jack SorensenDirector of Business Operations
Steve DautermanManager of Planning and Analysis
Sue SesermanPublic Relations Manager
Lisa StarInternational Coordinator
Khris BrownProduct Support Supervisor
James WoodComputer Systems Supervisor
Jo Ellen ReissDirect Sales Manager
Erin CollierProduct Support
Mara KaehnProduct Support
Livia MackinProduct Support
Thomas J. CaudleComputer Support
Randy SpencerComputer Support
Rita Bullinger-AllenDirect Sales Representative
Wendy P. JudsonDirect Sales Representative
Kerre MauelDirect Sales Representative
Gabriel McDonaldDirect Sales Representative
Annemarie BarrettAdministrative Support
Meredith CahillAdministrative Support
Jo DonaldsonAdministrative Support
Marianne DumitruAdministrative Support
Lex EurichAdministrative Support
Deborah FineAdministrative Support
Michele HarrellAdministrative Support
Brenna Krupa HoldenAdministrative Support
Marcia KeaslerAdministrative Support
Erin KellyAdministrative Support
Liz NagyAdministrative Support
Debbie RattoAdministrative Support
Andrea SiegelAdministrative Support
Dawn YamadaAdministrative Support
Stephen D. ArnoldFriend of Indy
Mark FalsteinFriend of Indy
Anthony GarciaFriend of Indy
Gregory D. HammondFriend of Indy
Stacey LamieroFriend of Indy
Barbara BarwoodLong-suffering Siginificant Other
Elise BaldwinLong-suffering Siginificant Other
Wendy ClarkLong-suffering Siginificant Other
Ron GilbertSCUMM Advice
Dave GrossmanSCUMM Advice
Brian MoriartySCUMM Advice
Tim SchaferSCUMM Advice
Jenny SwardSCUMM Advice
Aric WilmunderSCUMM Color Shifts
George LucasSpecial Thanks
Steven SpielbergSpecial Thanks
Ron BaldwinProgrammer
Hal BarwoodStory and Design
Noah FalsteinStory and Design
Michael StemmleProgrammer
Tony HsiehProgrammer
Sean ClarkProgrammer
Bret BarrettProgrammer
Aric WilmunderVoice Technology
Tamlynn BarraVoice Producer and Director
William L. EakenLead Background Artist
James Alexander DollarBackground Artist
Mike EbertBackground Artist
Avril HarrisonBackground Artist
Collette MichaudLead Animator
Avril HarrisonAnimator
Anson JewAnimator
Jim McLeodAnimator
John WilliamsIndiana Jones Theme Music Composer
Clint BajakianOriginal Music and Arrangements
Peter McConnellOriginal Music and Arrangements
Michael LandOriginal Music and Arrangements
Ron GilbertSCUMM Story System
Aric WilmunderSCUMM Story System
Brad P. TaylorSCUMM Story System
Vince LeeSCUMM Story System
Michael LandiMUSE Music System
Peter McConnelliMUSE Music System
Wayne ClineLead Tester
Chip HinnenbergLead Tester
Shelley DayProducer
Hal BarwoodProject Lead
Room 222 StudiosVoice Recording Studio (Support Company)
Voila ProductionsVoice Recording Studio (Support Company)

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Graphic Adventure

93 /100

Released: 1992

A point-and-click adventure game by LucasArts originally released in 1992. Almost a year later, it was reissued on CD-ROM as an enhanced "talkie" edition with full voice acting and digitized sound effects. In 2009,...