Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy is an action-adventure game that involves the player in making decisions to alter the narrative. The name change in North America was made to avoid confusion with Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary film, which wa...

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Review: JustLukas Review

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The influence of this game cannot be understated. It is one of the first Quantic Dream games, and the development of Fahrenheit is the reason we have had all the Quantic gems over the years. However, it did not age well. The controls are horrible most of the time (especially on keyboard + mouse), the graphics are sub-par even for the year of the original release, some of the game mechanics are straight up annoying. What you keep coming back for is the mystery/story/atmosphere, and even then, I was a bit disappointed with the final third of the game. Still, Fahrenheit is a game worth at least watching on youtube, if not playing.

Positive points
  • Paved the way for a whole genre of games
  • Story, characters, atmosphere
  • Multiple endings
Negative points
  • Controls
  • Graphics
  • Sneaking/mashing sections


Total score