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Releasing: November 28, 2016

Infinitas DM - Dungeon Mastery. A platform to create, organize, and play campaigns for Pen and Paper RPGs.

InfinitasDM is an Atlas, Lorebook, Battle Map, digital RPG tabletop all in one. All completely game-system agnostic for any genre and any RPG system.

Unlike other "digital tabletops," InfinitasDM takes the power of digital tools and brings them to the physical table. Create and control your campaign from your PC/Mac while sending an additional Player's View to a secondary display.

Use tools like:

Digital Maps (Import existing maps or create them from scratch within InfinitasDM)
Fog of War
Documents (writing, viewing, and organization)
Player tokens
Map Links that connect directly to documents and other maps, and more
All without forcing everyone to play from individual computers over the internet.

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