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Releasing: December 31, 1993

Jack T. Ladd is a man in debt. And the tax man hates to wait. On a world that spans 3 planets, 1 Cloud City and at least 4 bars. It's up to you to pay back the tax man, clear your name and get yourself involved in a huge number of strange and indescribable activities that only the most liberal of minds would ever contemplate.

Keep your nose clean after 5 legspreader cocktails. Encounter Klepto the robot and walk away with more than your pride intact. Endure an Interstellar Revenue Decimation Service interview without losing hair or gnawing off your own leg. Oh yes, this really is an adventure game that you'll never forget!!!

Let Jack take you along the legal fringes of the 21st century, in a story that captures your imagination with humor and a plot that keeps you guessing.