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INSIDE (Credits)


Arnt JensenCreator
Arnt JensenDirector
Martin Stig AndersenAudio Director
Mads WibroeProducer
Jeppe CarlsenLead Gameplay Designer
Andreas Normand GrøntvedAnimator
Arnt JensenExecutive Producer
Dino PattiExecutive Producer
Morten C. BramsenVisual Development
Jeremy C. PetremanEnvironment Art and Design
Marek BogdanEnvironment Art and Design
Mikkel SvendsenVFX Artist
Tobias BiehlTechnical Artist
Peter BuchardtGameplay Designer
Martin FasterholdtGameplay Designer
Martin Stig AndersenComposer
Martin Stig AndersenSound Designer
Søs Gunver RybergComposer
Søs Gunver RybergSound Designer
Andreas Frostholm RøeboeSound Designer
Jakob SchmidAudio Programmer
Kristian KjemsTechnical Director
Mikkel GjoelRendering Programmer
Erik Rodrigues PedersenCore Technology Programmer
Mikael Garde NielsenCore Technology Programmer
Mariya AngelovaCore Technology Programmer
Thomas KrogMain Character Programmer
Lasse Jon Fuglsang PedersenMain Character Programmer
Søren Trautner MadsenGameplay Programmer
Kalle HenningssonQA and Submission Manager
Michael KarlsenFinancial Director
Anders Larsen (I)Facility Services
Jacob HansenFacility Services
Jakob Hell BojeTester
Laurids Thalund BinderupGuest Writer
Forest Swartout LargeProducer
Ann KroeberAdditional Recording
Anders AntoftAdditional Art
Allan HansenAdditional Art
Henrik HansenAdditional Art
Israfel AbainzaAdditional Art
Morten HedegrenAdditional Level Design
Jonas WæverAdditional Level Design
Jesper TaxbølAdditional Programming
Patrik DekhlaAdditional Programming
SignaVocal and Body Sounds (Support Company)
Special Thanks
Kim Steen RiberSpecial Thanks
Joachim AnteSpecial Thanks
Steffen ToksvigSpecial Thanks
Peter AndreasenSpecial Thanks
Simon AshbySpecial Thanks
Mathieu JeanSpecial Thanks
Beinan LiSpecial Thanks
Adrien LavoieSpecial Thanks
Benoit SanterreSpecial Thanks
Matt ShepcarSpecial Thanks
Lee HutchinsonSpecial Thanks
Mark SouthSpecial Thanks
Kimberley TurnerSpecial Thanks
Morten Lau SmithSpecial Thanks
Anne Louise WulffSpecial Thanks
Alex ChoulsSpecial Thanks
The Danish Film InstituteSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
The Games SchemeSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
The Danish Arts FoundationSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
EU MediaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Vernon AdamsSpecial Thanks
Stefan ClaudiusSpecial Thanks
Alex ChapmanSpecial Thanks
Alex TuttySpecial Thanks
Christiana LoizidesSpecial Thanks
Chris CharlaSpecial Thanks
Adam HeathSpecial Thanks
Derek RussellSpecial Thanks
Richard Jones (IV)Special Thanks
Agostino SimonettaSpecial Thanks
Nick SuttnerSpecial Thanks
Matt NickersonSpecial Thanks
Tom GiardinoSpecial Thanks
Erik Peterson (I)Special Thanks
Tim SymmonsSpecial Thanks
Masamichi AbeSpecial Thanks
Dejan ZahirovicSpecial Thanks
Zeeshan MulkSpecial Thanks
Svend-Allan SørensenSpecial Thanks
Magnus WalterstadSpecial Thanks
Ben MintoSpecial Thanks
Rob BridgettSpecial Thanks
Hans Christian KockSpecial Thanks
August Malling HermansenSpecial Thanks
Ditte Vig FindSpecial Thanks
Marius Stig AndersenSpecial Thanks
Storm WibroeSpecial Thanks
Thor WibroeSpecial Thanks
William BlochSpecial Thanks
Tobias LukassenSpecial Thanks
IllutronSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Den Danske ScenekunstskoleSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
MinistiSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Nordisk FilmSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Alexandra InstituttetSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Styrelsen for Forskning og InnovationSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Uniscrap A/S OdenseSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
H. J. Hansen Odense A/SSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
SomestudioSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Frederiksberg SvømmehalSpecial Thanks (Support Company)


87 /100

Released: 2016

An atmospheric 2D side-scroller in which, hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project and struggles to preserve his identity.