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Releasing: December 31, 1989

In a dystopian cyberpunk future, The Dreamtrack Corporation has cornered the entertainment market, selling DreamTracks, dreamed or imagined adventures and experiences which can be enjoyed by consumers. The player is Chad, a DreamTrack Dreamer who has discovered that Dreamtrack Corporation is using the DreamTracks to destroy people's minds. He decides to break into Dreamtrack HQ. To overcome the high-tech security systems, his girlfriend, Kaf-E, agrees to break into the building physically, while Chad enters a virtual reality world, inspired by Neuromancer, in order to hack into and disable the computer-controlled defences.

The action mostly takes place in two modes: a 3D cyberpunk environment and a 2D schematic map where puzzles are encountered. 3D objects in the cyberpunk environment represent objects such as security doors and cameras. To disable the real-world devices, the 3D objects must be destroyed. Puzzle-solving involves determining which objects to disable and in what order. The player must also deal with virtual defences, represented by enemy ships which pose a threat to the player's ability to jack in to the system, and which must be defeated.