Into A Dream

Into a Dream is an emotional and powerful journey about family, love and hopelessness. The story unfolds as you wander through the dreams of Luke Williams, a man who found himself with no more hope in his life.

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Review: Dustflowers Review

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This is one of those games that hooks you, drags you into its story and releases you at the end with so many different experiences and emotions that you need to sit down for a moment to digest it. I love it!

I played it in one sitting because after meeting the main characters, I wanted the answers to more and more questions: Why is Luke depressed? What went wrong? Is he in danger? And how can I help him?!

What you won't find in this game is challenging gameplay or difficult puzzles. It's a 2D side-scroller with some dialogue choices, relatively simple puzzles and a bit of platforming.

But I'm absolutely fine with that, because the game accomplishes it's goal: To tell an intriguing interactive story, that helps you understand people with difficult life experiences much better.

For people who enjoyed 'To the Moon', 'The Cat Lady' or 'Nevermind'.

Positive points
  • + All of the art in the game is beautiful and fits together perfectly: The layered paper-cut style graphics with atmospheric lighting, the well executed voice acting and the wonderful original soundtrack (also composed and recorded by the solo dev, wow!).
  • + Most NPCs in this game feel like actual human people with their own pasts, distinct character traits and interests. Even small side characters don't come across as 'random girl 1' or 'work colleague 3'. Talking and listening to people in this game feels a lot like having actual conversations.
Negative points
  • - In terms of gameplay, the game's not that complex. It's more than a walking simulator, but the gameplay mechanics are not especially challenging or innovative, compared to other games.
  • - There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of the game that it contains horror elements and allusions to suicide, therefore might not be suitable for everyone.


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