Into the Dark

Genre: Adventure, Indie

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1 reviews

Awful 20%

Don't even dare to hope for state-of the art graphics, a proper balancing, professional voice acting or breathtaking script-writing. This here is 100 pure trash, an adventure / shooter hybrid with gazillions of bad jokes, dozens of pop culture references and a hidden, dense net of subversive, intelligent messages related to post-WWII-politics. Oh yes, you need a basic knowledge of pop culture to enjoy the game, and quite some education on politic... Read More


Youre Peter "Pete" OBrannon, a Private Eye. Sounds fascinating? It isnt, trust me - unless you find it exciting to hunt down cheating husbands and lost dogs while living of cheap Chinese food in shabby motels. THAT would be what Petes job is all about - but luckily for him, he has a good customer paying his bills. Its GlobalSecure Inc., one of the biggest insurance companies on the East Coast. More exactly, its Samantha "Sam" Miller who runs their investigation department on insurance fraud. Shes tough, shes intelligent, shes better than Pete. By far better. But due to the companies Code of Conduct and some very nasty ethic rules, shes prevented from taking, erm, semi legal" steps to gain essential information and proofs. Thats where Pete steps in - for 500 bucks per day expenses a nice 20% share of the money the company saves with whatever Pete finds out.


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