Time until Iron Lord release!

Already released in Europe [EU] on ZX Spectrum

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]ZX Spectrum
Europe [EU]Atari ST/STE
Europe [EU]Amiga
Europe [EU]PC DOS
Europe [EU]Acorn Archimedes
North America [NA]Commodore C64/128
Europe [EU]Amstrad CPC



Something has changed... Somehow it's different... Someone must be stopped!

Terror. Repression. Injustice. That's what awaits you as you return to the town you call your home. For 5 years you have been off fighting in the Holy Land. Your father the King, has been overthrown by your ruthless uncle, terror and oppression now rule this once serene Kingdom.

You are alone... a single warrior in a country of traitors, spies and assassins. You are unknown... the forgotten son of the dethroned King. Can you recover the throne? Only a true Crusader of Justice could succeed at such a feat. Deceit and treachery abound!

Prove your birthright through strategy and strength. Amaze the town with your superior archery, arm-wrestling, swordplay, and dice-throwing skills. Ultimately, you must build a following that not only respects you, but will go to war for you!

Take charge. Prove you are a Iron Lord- The Crusader of Justice!

You owe it to your homeland, your father, and most of all, to the future of your kingdom!