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Jazzpunk (Credits)

Necrophone Games

Luis HernandezOriginal Music
Phil BaljeuAdditional Production Music
Troy MorrisseyAdditional Production Music
Dan RodriguezAdditional Production Music
Jess BrouseAnimation
Luis HernandezSound Design
Mathew PainterMatte Patinting
Erin WoodExecutive Wonderful Person
Émile ArnaudText-to-Speech Coach

Adult Swim

Steve GeePublisher
Elizabeth MurphyPublisher
Matt SchwartzPublisher
Chris JohnstonPublisher
John HinsonPublisher
Angeline WeissPublisher
Jacob PaulPublisher
Liz PatePublisher
Zo DouglassPublisher
Jeff OlsenPublisher
Ross RegitskyPublisher
Luis would like to thank his friends and family for putting up with his crap throughout the development of this game.
Jess would also like to thank his friends and family for all of their support!

Necrophone Games

Phil BaljeuSpecial Thanks
Lily CatroppaSpecial Thanks
Rob CruckshankSpecial Thanks
Chris de CarteretSpecial Thanks
Mitchell ChanSpecial Thanks
Brendon ChungSpecial Thanks
Hannah EpsteinSpecial Thanks
Henry FaberSpecial Thanks
Jennie FaberSpecial Thanks
Steve GaynorSpecial Thanks
Steve GeeSpecial Thanks
Matt HammilSpecial Thanks
Ezra Hanson-WhiteSpecial Thanks
Dafydd HughesSpecial Thanks
Chris HuthSpecial Thanks
Rachel KahnSpecial Thanks
Rob KingSpecial Thanks
Michel McbrideSpecial Thanks
Johnnemann NordhagenSpecial Thanks
Jenn NgoSpecial Thanks
Stefen PowellSpecial Thanks
Zoe QuinnSpecial Thanks
Max ScovilleSpecial Thanks
Alex SnukalSpecial Thanks
Nick StedmanSpecial Thanks
Jim SterlingSpecial Thanks
Miguel SternbergSpecial Thanks
Don ThackerSpecial Thanks
Jamie TuckerSpecial Thanks
Kelly WallickSpecial Thanks
Adam WinklesSpecial Thanks
Erin WoodSpecial Thanks
Karla ZimonjaSpecial Thanks
and all the people we have forgotten.


66 /100

Released: 2014

Jazzpunk is a single-player, first-person adventure game, focusing on exploration and comedy over puzzle-solving. Each mission has one central objective, but the player is free to explore the game world at their own...