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Jerusalem: The Three Roads to the Holy Land

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Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Jerusalem: The Three Roads to the Holy Land is a 2002 historical adventure game. It is a sequel to the game Pompei: The Legend of Vesuvius.

When a Scottish cartographer by the name of Adrien Blake returns from an expedition he discovers that his fiancée, Sophia, has disappeared. He must travel to Jerusalem to search for her. The story unfolds in the year 1552.

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1552. Lord of the Ottoman dynasty, Sulaiman the Magnificent, reigns over the greatest empire in the world. In Jerusalem, the holy city where King David had built the Temple, where Christ preached and where the Prophet Mohammed was swept off to meet Allah, the three religions of the Book live in peace. Having become the confidante to the emissary of Sulaiman the Magnificent, Adrian is faced with the task of untangling the web of intrigue threatening the fragile balance that has been reached by the three communities of the Book. He will have to cooperate with the representative of all three communities in order to save the governor’s daughter.