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DJSharpeCheddars Review [8.0/10]

DJSharpeCheddar created

It took me a while, but I am happy to say that I have accepted this as a worthy YAKUZA spinoff. I won't lie -- initially, JUDGMENT didn't impress me too much. While all the minigames and fun side quests we've come to expect from any given RGG Studios game are present and accounted for, the core gameplay loop has been altered to fit this game...

Judgment - Yakuza Light [0.0/10]

Ripsie created

- Visuals & Performance - A Ryuga Gotoku game has never looked better than this. The motion capture is amazingly implemented into cineastic cutscenes, the martial arts sequences look absolutely fantastic and Kamurocho, the secret star of all Yakuza games, has never looked more vibrant, more beautiful and more inviting to explore. Charac...