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JumpStart 2nd Grade (known as Jump Ahead Year 2 in the United Kingdom) is a personal computer game released in 1996 by Knowledge Adventure. As its name suggests, it was made to teach second grade students. It was replaced by JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade in 2002.

Like the previous JumpStart products, the game takes place in a school setting, but begins after school hours when a giant anthropomorphic frog named C.J. enters the classroom and frees a firefly named Edison. C.J. and Edison (Newton in the United Kingdom) form a double act of sorts with C.J. being an ardent, self-styled "adventurer" while Edison is the more pragmatic straight man, who frequently makes sardonic comments in response to C.J.'s grandiosity. The duo have appeared in many other JumpStart products, such as JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade; however, their looks and personalities have both undergone enormous changes throughout the years.

C.J. and Edison lead the user into a secret elevator hidden behind a bookcase. This elevator leads to several different floors, most of which are caverns beneath the school. The clubhouse and the classroom levels are the only ones to contain more than one activity.
The floors are as follows:
1 Clubhouse
2 Classroom
3 Other levels
3.1 Boiler Room
3.2 Football Field
3.3 Bone Vault
3.4 Cave Writings
3.5 Cricket Band
3.6 Log Ride
3.7 Ice Cave