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thebigwhigs Review [9.0/10]

thebigwhig created

This looks really good and play good. You can choose adult characters (male or female) of kids (boy or girl) at easy or regular settings. So you can set it up as a easy game for kids or harder for adults.

therealgamerguy1s Review [10.0/10]

therealgamerguy1 created

A great side scroller platformer game that gives off Super Mario and Sonic Vibes! It can be challenging at times but very fun to play. I've topped the game with more than 15 hours gameplay, and it the gameplay is rather fun!

lamontisthemen Review [10.0/10]

lamontistheman created

I played the demo on Steam and liked it so I bought it. The first stage took me about 3 hours to finish (plus extra time setting up the game and reading the instructions). Every part of is fun. There are tons of traps everywhere to avoid and lots of stuff to collect. It's a little different that there is no high score. The goal is to finish ...

firstateverythings Review [10.0/10]

firstateverything created

A neat little game. It's just like how others have mentioned. A above average side-scroller game. A+ recommend

lassertimes Review [9.0/10]

lassertime created

A gem of a game. Indie games sometimes can surprise you like this one. I mostly play indie games because the bigger companies rehash the same 3D games over and over. This game is a based off of the old school Atari Pitfall type. The video shows what the game is like. It's a platformer where you fight off bad guys in the jungles while collec...

ultraepicelites Review [10.0/10]

ultraepicelite created

Love it. This is a top game in the platformer category. A+++

betterthebesters Review [9.0/10]

betterthebester created

I love the Indiana Jones movies and this is like having a video game based off of them.

venushasgotits Review [10.0/10]

venushasgotit created

I found this little gem on another site that reviewed it so I thought I'd give it a shot. the title screen looks cool. What I found is if you do not do anything, then in a couple of minutes it will start playing by itself. Then after awhile it will go back to the title screen. Not sure if this qualifies as an ester egg or not. There are a l...

boatcaptainxes Review [10.0/10]

boatcaptainx created

A fun little indie game. You fight your way though the woods and collect treasure along the way. At the end of the levels there are bonus rooms to get more stuff. Pretty cool.

maxamillionthedogs Review [10.0/10]

maxamillionthedog created

A neat little romp down a path chocked full of jungle creates that are trying to stop you from getting to the lost treasure. Not even traps will stop you. Take on the role of a adventurer to get past all 6 stages. This is a masterpiece of a game. Sure, there are other games with big budgets and all, but you have to rate games in their own ca...

saad2179345s Review [10.0/10]

saad2179345 created

A superb Side-Scroller Platformer that will get you ADDICTED. Initially, I was being skeptical of the game. However, when I tried it using the DEMO they're offering on steam, I bought it on impulse. It offers a great RPG/Arcade mix experience that gives off the Sonic and Super Mario vibes. All in all, a great game to play if you want something w...

roadwarriorxes Review [8.0/10]

roadwarriorx created

Pretty good side-scroller platform game. It has a lot going for it. Most other of these types of games just look 1/2 finished. This is loaded with snaz. It is fun to play once you figure it out. Thumbs up.

theunrealjills Review [10.0/10]

theunrealjill created

An amazing journey through the jungles looking for lost treasure.

slifkergames Review [10.0/10]

slifkergames created

This game was written over a 4 year period. It started off as a 3D islands in the sky game, then a 2.5 side-scroller before becoming a 2D side-scroller. It has the best of the old school games and modern games. Naturally, we dig the game. Enjoy.

biffsgamingvideos Review [10.0/10]

biffsgamingvideos created

A updated version of those old school classic platformer games.

jumbox3s Review [8.0/10]

jumbox3 created

A good old school platformer showdown. This is a must play for anyone who likes the Atari.

jackpalmer63s Review [9.0/10]

jackpalmer63 created

Fun and challenging. The jungle theme is cool and there are many levels of scrolling. Recommend!

gamemasterzulus Review [9.0/10]

gamemasterzulu created

A platform game. You collect treasure to trade for inventory. You find keys to get past locked doors. You have to fight the jungle animals The goal is to get to the end. A special game for people of all ages. I really like this game.

campusfreaks Review [10.0/10]

campusfreak created

A good side scroller. You collect coins, convert then at the market for inventory items and then use them in your quest. You find keys to open the doors. You can climb in the air, swim under the water and go underground. 6 huge levels to play. Pretty cool.