Jungles of Maxtheria

Play as either "Hot Spot" Harvey, his cousin Roxy Roks, Junior or Missy searching for the lost treasure of the infamous "Jaxton Max". Your quest for fortune and glory will not be easy however. This adventure is full of baddies aimed at s...

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Review: lassertimes Review

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A gem of a game. Indie games sometimes can surprise you like this one. I mostly play indie games because the bigger companies rehash the same 3D games over and over. This game is a based off of the old school Atari Pitfall type. The video shows what the game is like. It's a platformer where you fight off bad guys in the jungles while collecting things.

I do like the inventory system setup. At first it's a bit odd but once I got used to it I like it. So you collect treasure. This gives coins. You trade those coins for inventory and health. You can also sell off inventory if you get low on stuff or health but only get 1/2 of what it's worth.


Positive points
  • - Looks cool
  • - Retro 80s - 90s feel
  • - Reaaaallllly long.
  • - Male/female and adult/child characters
Negative points
  • - Demo is only 1/2 of 1st level but still took a few hours to get that far.


Total score