Jurassic War Press kit





Jurassic War is another real-time strategy of its age. There are many similar strategies which are mostly much better, however this one use some different approach, which makes the game worth trying. The game mechanic is pretty simple and even sometimes it is quite hard to make your units do whatever they should do. They mostly disobey especially in a crowded areas but it is quite normal for such games.
This game has a quite different approach compared to the classic strategy line. Your main resource is food, which is not harvested in some sort but your units must hunt the wild animals to collect it.

Collected food must be brought to the food storage. You can build a different buildings in this game, you train a builder for a food who can build the requested building or fight your foes in the meantime. There are plenty of factions, every one with some special ability. Your army consists basically of dinosaurs and humans and everyone gets improved over time so it is good to train some special soldiers in your army who will be better that 10 rookies. Dinosaurs are tougher, but humans can collect numerous objects and use them as a weapons. (such as shields, stones, spears, bows, magical talismans and much more.)


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)