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datacenters Review [3.0/10]

datacenter created

Oh, such a major fail. Since second game I was hooked, but man.... JC4 is a total bummer. I had such high hopes after the Third part. It is the same engine, but they have messed the game play and crippled the fun. Just do not buy it, if you have to finish it - either wait for a minus 75% discount, rent or borrow,

JackYates Review [4.0/10]

JackYates created

So Sad That I Have to hate this game back when it was first coming out I was excited after the quite good just cause 3 I was going to think this would be good, but sadly it is not. First Thing I noticed there are nowhere as many destructible objects like in just cause 3 or 2 in that fact and they are not really important as in 3 or 2 (As they w...

KLHR3s Review [5.0/10]

KLHR3 created

Loved both 2 and 3 when I played them and was really looking forward to playing this but now just feel like replaying JC3 instead. The new game structure is for me horrible and not a patch on the previous installments. After recently playing games a couple of years older than this the graphics are a jarring reminder of a previous generation. Pla...

Baikerus Review [8.0/10]

Baikeru created

I pre-ordered Just Cause 4 and eagerly waited several days to be able to play it. Because I bought the Gold Edition, I got to play it 7pm (Cincinnati time) Sunday night, while it released worldwide Tuesday. My history with Just Cause is that I started playing JC3 February 2017. For years I'd seen it when I'd search for Just Dance (which I've be...

SanchoLibres Review [3.0/10]

SanchoLibre created

I bought JC4 when it was 60% off (fortunately...) because I really enjoyed playing its predecessor, but apart from beautiful landscapes to fly, drive and run around in, JC4 is one big disappointment. The weapon systems are awful, the camera is awful at times, the overall physics have deteriorated since JC3, even flying around with the wingsuit w...