Just Cause 4

Set in the fictional South American world of Solis, JUST CAUSE 4 takes the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of tornadoes and other Extreme Weather events. JUST CAUSE 4 has four d...

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Review: JackYates Review

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So Sad That I Have to hate this game back when it was first coming out I was excited after the quite good just cause 3 I was going to think this would be good, but sadly it is not.

First Thing I noticed there are nowhere as many destructible objects like in just cause 3 or 2 in that fact and they are not really important as in 3 or 2 (As they were needed to take over bases), This leads to my second point, The base system doesn't really exist anymore at least as it did, and that's what I loved about the previous games is the destruction and taking over of bases. Overall this game was pretty disappointing and even with the newer update still not as good as it should be.

Positive points
  • Massive Map
  • Ok Graphics
  • good vehicle types
Negative points
  • No Destruction
  • Map Is Limited Especially at the beginning
  • Gets boring quickly


Total score