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Set near the end of the Han Dynasty, the Han reign is now plagued by corruption, hardship and unrest - including the rebellion movement by the Yellow Turban rebels. Far away from human conflict is an isolated community of Maozoku living deep in the mountains, whom are said to be the descendants of a youkai, Kinme, which raged the lands years ago. As a result, they’re shunned and discriminated by humans and given the derogatory name “Jyuuza” which makes a reference to the cats being the 13th animal left out of the 12 zodiac signs – despicable creatures left out by humans, animals, and the world alike.
Among the Maozoku lives Kan U, a half-human and half-Maozoku and strives to do her best to make up for her origins. She’s now a reliable pillar of support and everyone only wishes to continue to live peacefully – that is till the day Sou Sou, an ambitious general, leads his army into their hidden village on a search for the Yellow Turban rebels. Accused of hiding the rebels, they have little choice but to be pulled into an unreasonable agreement to fight for him and defeat the rebels in order to prove their innocence.
Hence, Kan U and the Maozoku are thrown into an era of conflict, and this sets the stage for Jyuuzaengi’s Three Kingdoms story.