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Kara no Shoujo

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Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Set in 1956, Reiji is investigating a series of strange crimes that revolve arround an all-female academy, which may be involved with the murder that killed his wife.

Also, he meets Toko Kuchiki, a strange girl who hires Reiji for the job to "find her real self".

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13 reviews

Great 100%

Japanese-kun: Director-san, I have come to thee to come with a suggestion for our company's big hit. Director-san: [Nods in Japanese] Japanese-kun: You see, I have come to see the sucess of Phoenix Wright games, and the Western obsession with police novels and movies, that have permeated in Japan. I think we can take both concepts and put them in a way to advance our mighty japanese videogames and show all the westerns the potential of Visual N... Read More