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GENIUS GREEDY MOUSE is a clay based puzzle game featuring a host of fun and challenging levels.

Are you a Genius Greedy Mouse?

You are a mouse, a very, very hungry mouse, living in a large underground world. Luckily, your world is filled with the delightful cheeses that you so desire. If only you could just reach out and eat to your hearts content.

Unfortunately, the life of a mouse is not quite so simple. The cheese is not easy to obtain and many traps and puzzles will hamper your endeavours. Using all your cunning mouse skills, like all crafty mice can, you must find your way to the cleverly located cheeses. Can you eat all the cheeses ‘Greedy Mouse’?

The game plays through a variety of themed levels, encompassing both ingenious puzzles, and amusing diversions. Each level is played a move at a time, giving the player time to plan ahead and oversee the result, step by step. Play as fast or as careful as suits.

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60 / 10003.0

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Impossiball is a love letter to one of the original video games: Pong! We have taken the simple bat-and-ball idea and given it a 21st century makeover. There are three game modes:

1. Impossiball - 500 balls instead of 1! Power-ups change the gameplay and you can rotate your shp for fine control over how each ball bounces.

2. Dodgeball - Your aim is to avoid the balls but they are getting bigger and faster. You score points when your opponent hits a ball.

3. Loneball - The classic Pong mode BUT with an 80's retro vibe including neon lighting and a chiptune soundtrack!

You can play against the AI or, for the most fun, challenge a friend and let the shouting commence!

The game was created in Unity and is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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70 / 10003.5