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Katawa Shoujo [6.0/10]

LordIch created

Me falta completar algunas rutas, pero lo cierto es que el juego se sostiene bastante bien en casi todos los apartados teniendo en cuenta que fue hecho con 2 mangos y por gente de 4Chan. Sigue sin ser la gran cosa btw. Como todavía no terminé el juego en su totalidad voy a ir actualizando mi opinión sobre las rutas en los puntos positivos y nega...

Now seriously. [10.0/10]

kimono created

Made by random people from totally different countries, time zones and continents; based of an original idea posted in 4chan; and not only free to play, but with any option to donate any money to them if you want, someone can only expect the worse: To find a crappy game, random sex scenes and situations and/or dialogue that if you laugh at them ...

Artexjays Review [10.0/10]

Artexjay created

Plot---- Story is well planned out and thought about. A guy who transfers to a school for the disabled. There he befriends various disabled girls ranging from missing arms, to blindness, deaf, bipolarity and scarred/anxious. Depending on the choices the player makes the character will then fall in love with one of the girls. Characters all hav...