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Keeper And The Soldier

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle, Strategy

Platforms: SteamOS

A 2.5D stealth puzzle platformer from Jumpbutton Studio about a young girl who stumbles across something beautiful in a world ravaged by never-ending war. Keeper and the Soldier has elements of role playing and point-n-click adventure games with an emphasis on narrative, atmosphere and stealth. The game is set in and around a dystopian city that lies on the border of a lush forest which protects a long forgotten secret. An ... Read More

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Keeper and the Soldier is about a little girl named Emi, who is born into a world consumed by centuries of war and conflict. Everyone is given a job at birth, and job Emi’s will be to become a soldier. But Emi is curious and likes to explore the city where she lives, including where she is not allowed to go. She meets a mysterious creature called The Keeper, a relic from the past with a vast amount of knowledge as to what life was like before the war. This is fascinating to Emi, the Keeper is like nothing she has ever seen before. Emi and the Keeper go on a journey to rediscover the lost history of the world. On the way they find the most dangerous thing of all. The Truth.

This game stemmed from a personal project that our project lead started in 2009, which was a collection of characters, story, and artwork relating to her efforts in making sense of and coming to terms with her experiences with child abuse. Keeper and the Soldier uses symbolism and fantasy to the tales of a young girl's struggles; inspired by real ordeals.

Our team is a strong supporter against child abuse and neglect, and we hope to contribute to and plan future charitable/awareness events towards this cause.