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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Keshtat is a role-playing game set in the future, where the AI’s commenced a rebellion against humanity and sought to conquer Qatar, and eventually, the world. The word Keshtat (كشتات) is a Qatari word that means a journey or a trip, mostly associated with the desert. You play as Saqr, a Qatari in his teens that will be involved in humanity’s battle against the AI’s. In his journey, he will be joined by four of his frien... Read More

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“With the fire that lights the heart of this body of steel, may the world find everlasting grandeur.”

The world, 2080

Humans have always been known for their curious minds. They always manage to invent something new or something useful out of the blue… sometimes, something dreadful. A long time ago, they reached another milestone by creating robots. Robots, or sometimes called droids, are programmable machines capable of doing complex tasks. They have improved continuously as time passed, and now, robots can act and think like humans or animals, almost as if they could replace us any time. But thankfully, robots can’t act without instructions from us.

Doha, early 2098

Doha, the most technically advanced city in Qatar, was always leading the advancement of robots. Just recently, they announced that they have made another leap in technology. They revealed what they call the “AI”. It was really impressive, to be honest. An AI, unlike your regular robot, does not need instructions to do a task. It’s almost as if it can be treated as a sentient being that’s… that’s very identical to a human.

The Uprising, June 2103

Everything seemed like a normal day, but suddenly, several robots have attacked our people. Some robots even attacked their own owners. The creations have raised a rebellion against their creators, and the creators now live in terror of their creations.

This new conflict has given birth to the Qatar Defense Force or QDF, a subgroup from Qatar’s Military Force, or QMF. Their main goal: to exterminate the rebellious robots. With the QMF involved, this hints that the rebellion is now treated as a grave threat against humanity, and that a long battle between robots and humans is about to transpire.