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The future is not the clean, civilized dream they sold us in the XX century. Sure, we conquered the Solar System, and went far beyond. We looked for life beyond Earth, and boy we found it. And, was it worth it?

Nah. All we found out is the rest of the universe is a dirty mess of blood and crime. Gone are the days when we dreamt of flying cars and robotic assistants: flying cars are what drug smugglers use to run away, and your robotic assistant just murdered your wife, get it?

So here we are, five guys, and a job no-one wants to do. Do you have a dictator who just went crazy on Saturn VII? Here comes the KillSquad to murder him. And his family, just in case little Nicky wants to be like daddy one day. Got a rogue planet not paying your taxes? We sure can handle that. And that alien race who just conquered your home planet? Don’t worry, we’ll kick them out. But it ain’t gonna be cheap. Nor clean. There will be blood everywhere. And yes they’ll hate us. But we will get the job done.

When the rest say no, we say yes. When the rest talk and negotiate, we shoot and bomb. We’re a KillSquad. Who sends us? That’s none of your business. If you hired us, consider the problem solved. If they hired us, consider yourself dead.

The universe is dirty. We’re just the cleaning squad.