King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame

Genre: Strategy, Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Critically praised by reviewers and gamers alike, King Arthur was received as one of the biggest surprises to emerge on the gaming scene in 2010. Now the Fantasy/Roleplaying RTS returns in a sequel set to push the boundaries of the genre even further. Our story begins long after young Arthur pulled the enchanted sword out of the stone, united the w... Read More

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This is a real-time strategy game in which players assume the role of King Arthur as he attempts to unite Britain under his rule. Players engage in text-based quests and real-time battles with knights and their respective army units (i.e., archers, cavalry, pike men). After positioning their armies, players command units to attack enemies with swords, axes, spears, and special attacks (e.g., bolts of lightning, spikes rising from the ground). Injured enemies emit brief splashes of blood, and are sometimes hurled across the battlefield when attacked. During the course of the game, a still image depicts a character holding up a severed human head. Some on-screen text references suggestive behavior (e.g., "I sleep with her,""She takes your hand and starts leading you towards her room. You have no doubts about her intentions," and "To seal your promises she invites you to spend the night with her."). Other storylines contain several references to alcohol and wine consumption (e.g., "Give me a cup of wine,""You enter the hut . . . since it serves beer and wine from barrels," and "They have obviously had too many glasses, some of them sleeping drunk.") The words "bastard,""damn," and "hell" appear in text.

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