Time until King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne release day!

Please note, this is a countdown to the release day. The actual hour can vary.

Already released in North America [NA] on PC DOS

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
North America [NA]PC DOS
North America [NA]Atari ST/STE
North America [NA]Apple II
North America [NA]Mac
Europe [EU]Amiga
Apple IIGS
Worldwide [WW]PC (Microsoft Windows)


The original King's Quest was a landmark in computer gaming. In 1984, authoress Roberta Williams designed the original King's Quest to demonstrate the power and versatility of second generation computers. It became one of the industry's largest sellers. Hundreds of thousands of people have played the game - and loved it. Years later, it is still viewed as a cornerstone in the development of computer adventuring. Another step forward in adventure... Read More

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