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GOmonkeymanGOs Review [9.0/10]

GOmonkeymanGO created

Kingdom Hearts III is a lighthearted, ambitious game that aimed to be the best of 2019, but resulted in a fun and satisfying experience. It sits atop the series as one of the best entries so far and is a guaranteed must-play for Kingdom Hearts fans and a highly recommended game for those interested in action games. Just a foreword, I will be do...

Kingdom Hearts III - The Quality Swing [0.0/10]

Ripsie created

- Visuals- I am not a fan of how the characters look in the new artstyle. While environments, animations and particle effects look great, many character models with a more cartoonish origin appear like well animated plastic, especially Mickey and Donald look absolutely awful in my opinion. For modern CGI Disney movie characters on the other...

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind/Final Mix: Showing That The Developers Listen [9.0/10]

Apple2k17 created

First, I will explain how the recent patch and DLC fixed almost all of my problems with the game. If I had to rate this game before the patches and DLC I would give it like a 8.1/10. It was still pretty great but had a lot of problems. As always when playing a game my biggest focus goes towards its gameplay. So, when I first went through the tut...