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chacegraves Review [8.0/10]

Kona is an incredibly comfortable mystery survival game set in an isolated town during the 70s. It makes you balance being a detective and investigating the lives of an entire town with surviving in the harsh elements of the Canadian wilderness. Kona combines this all brilliantly by making sure the survival aspect isn't front and center never g...

twobears79s Review [7.0/10]

1970, Northern Quebec—A private investigator, Carl Faubert, is traveling to a small town to solve a simple crime. Events conspire against him however and he is thrust into a strange and deadly investigation of an abandoned town in the middle of a snowstorm with more than just one mystery to solve. What happened here, what is going on, and, mor...

aysenthesys Review [5.0/10]

Kona is a piece of interactive storytelling that blends mystery with folk horror, allowing the player to uncover the mystery almost literally on their own. The main character, Carl Faubert, is a private investigator sent to North of Québec to watch on a powerful man, accused by a native community of defiling their land. The game unfolds in a s...