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It began with the pomegranate tree.

It was during the summer of my second year of university.
I was on my way to visit "The Mirror of the World" Exhibition.
Coincidentally, that day in the past, I was involved in a falling accident.
However, now that's just a childhood memory.

At the exhibition, I met 8 guys.
On that night... Tempted by the sweet aroma of the pomegranate which I so love, I ate it.
I was then suddenly struck by great sleepiness.
Unable to fight it off, I went to bed. It was then when I heard a sweet voice that made me shudder in disgust.

"Welcome home. Finally, I'm able to be in the same place as you."

When I shot up awake in the morning, I was holding a hand-mirror that I've never seen before.
A voice from the hand-mirror- calling itself the mirror's spirit- in a whisper, tells me to "save the fated one".
And then, I met the guys I first saw at the exhibition again.

When I drew closer to them, they invited me into the unreal and mad world; the "Mirror World".
The guys in the Mirror World will only call me "Snow White", and had crazed expressions unlike when they were in the real world.
I learned of the "Queen" as I became closer to them.

"Capture Snow White."

The Queen is trying to capture me- Snow White.
The guys' madness. The Queen drawing closer. I wonder why I'm called "Snow White", and why I’m being targeted...

"Now it is your turn to have taste of loneliness. Go on, try and escape. I'll chase you to the ends of the world. I'll definitely capture you."