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Releasing: December 17, 2014

La-Mulana EX is an enhanced port, of the PC remake, for the PlayStation Vita. It adds a bestiary, reworks some item locations, rewords hints, changes puzzles slightly, moves hint tablets closer to the puzzles, and changes some graphics to make environmental clues more noticeable.

"A combination of classic 2D platforming, Metroidvania-style adventuring and challenging action gameplay, La-Mulana EX takes you deep into the ancient ruins of La-Mulana on a quest to discover not just valuable treasure, but the secret to life itself!

Fight monsters, uncover clues, collect items and weapons to enhance your abilities, spring traps and battle huge bosses as you try to solve the mystery of La-Mulana. But watch out! No-one who's entered the ruins before has come out alive… can you succeed where others have failed?"