Age Rating for Last Oasis

This is a massive multiplayer role-playing game in which players must survive the harsh lands of a scorching Earth. Players gather resources, build structures, tools, and vehicles while fending off hostile enemies and creatures. As players exploring open-world environments, they can craft weapons to defeat animals and feral human-like figures called Rupu. Players use machetes, spears, and other bladed weapons to slash at enemies in melee combat. Fighting is highlighted by blood-splatter effects, impact sounds, and cries of pain. During character selection, a human figure's bare torso is presented, depicted with nipples for the female character. Some vitamins, potions, and powders provide players' character with upgrades or boosts. Various concoctions are described with drug terminology (e.g., "psychedelic brew," “psychoactive properties”; Sinus Destroyer mixture depicted as a small pile of white powder used for "snorting"); one substance (Vision Powder) is described as inducing hallucinations—the screen distorts as players' character sways on their feet.