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Law & Order: Justice is Served

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Genre: Adventure, Simulator

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

An up and coming female tennis star is found dead in a locker room. Join the cast of the popular TV series to hunt down the murderer and work with the D.A to put together a convincing case to nail the guilty verdict.

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During a junior tennis tournament, a young player is found murdered in the stadium's locker room. The game player works with NYPD detectives Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green as they investigate the crime and make the arrest. Once accomplished, the player works with ADA Serena Southerlyn to try to crack the case, but there are twists and turns that reveal dark secrets about the sport and its players. For the first time in the game series, and in the format of the show, a second junior detective's role for the player is introduced, rather than the player being Briscoe's partner. This was due to the developers' wish to include Jesse L. Martin in one of their games. DA Charles Northcutt, played by Alan Oppenheimer, is a character created exclusively for the game who does not appear in the main show.