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A Candy for Casual MOBA PC Gamers [7.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

I never touch MOBA back when in college one decades ago but playing some retro games or anything FPS games that can ran on my toaster PC, It was my friend who introduced me this game where I can get free CD copy of the game from regional publisher where new users can request the game, so its kind of something historical for something I can see t...

SeanMallons Review [8.0/10]

SeanMallon created

One of the most famous games in the crowded MMOBA (Massive Multiplayer Battle Arena) genre., this one stands out as one of the best. It has a massive (a massive138 champions), a massive and involved story and a fan base that would rival even the most respected games in the genre. Currently, there is 11,500,000 players playing League of legends....