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Legend of Grimrock (Credits)

Almost Human Ltd.

Petri HäkkinenGame Design
Antti TiihonenGame Design
Petri HäkkinenProgramming
Juho SalilaCreature and Environment Modeling
Olli PelzCreature and Environment Animation
Antti TiihonenItem Modeling and Design
Petri HäkkinenScenario
Antti TiihonenScenario
Juho SalilaConcept Art and Art Design
Petri HäkkinenGame Engine Design and Programming
StakulaMusic Theme
Antti TiihonenSound Effects
Markus KaarlonenAdditional Sound Effects
Henri HäkkinenAdditional Programming
Olli PelzOffice Manager
Carl GranbergBeta Tester
Henri HäkkinenBeta Tester
Hannu KaksonenBeta Tester
Jari KomppaBeta Tester
Aki RaulaBeta Tester
Tommi SaalastiBeta Tester
Erik SalmiBeta Tester
Jere SanisaloBeta Tester
Markus SarajärviBeta Tester
Jouni TuovinenBeta Tester
Jaakko HaapasaloSpecial Thanks
Jani JokiSpecial Thanks
Petri JärvilehtoSpecial Thanks
Mikko KallinenSpecial Thanks
Saku LehtinenSpecial Thanks
Pedro Macedo CamachoSpecial Thanks
Irina PelzSpecial Thanks
Markus PerssonSpecial Thanks
Juha PinolaSpecial Thanks
Mikko RautalahtiSpecial Thanks
Sirkku SalilaSpecial Thanks
Saara SirenSpecial Thanks


Legend of Grimrock

83 /100

Released: 2012

What is Legend of Grimrock?

Old-school dungeon crawling game inspired by Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld.
Explore a vast dungeon riddled with hidden switches, pressure plates, sliding...